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ロゴ Euro Train Simulator 記号アイコン。

Euro Train Simulator

Buy Mobile Game 2.7
  • ライセンス Gratuito
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  • ダウンロード| 1
  • サイズ 58.44MB
  • ATUALIZADO 27.11.2021
ロゴ Euro Train Simulator 記号アイコン。

Euro Train Simulator

バージョン 2.7 Gratuito
Funciona em: Android
ダウンロード| : 1 Atualizado em : 27.11.2021 Buy Mobile Game


Dirija trens por toda a Europa
ve a train all over Europe and pick up passengers at some the most important stations on the continent in the fun -and tremendously addictive- game Euro Train Simulator. Euro Train Simulator has very simple gameplay, and it's easy to drive the train with the simple controls on the screen. Use them to drive the train forward, speed up, back up, and change tracks. Use these simple controls and go on a transcontinental journey! Euro Train Simulator has hundreds of increasingly difficult levels. Each game is a new journey with new scenery and challenges, from Berlin to London or from Hamburg to Paris. Make sure to take the correct route and arrive at your destination before time runs out. Euro Train Simulator is definitely a Android game you'll have a great time playing. Take on the challenge and explore every train track and station in Europe!


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