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ロゴ Marvel Strike Force 記号アイコン。

MARVEL Strike Force

FoxNext Games 5.8.2
  • ライセンス Gratuito
  • 0
  • ダウンロード| 7
  • サイズ 148.2MB
  • ATUALIZADO 18.11.2021
ロゴ Marvel Strike Force 記号アイコン。

MARVEL Strike Force

バージョン 5.8.2 Gratuito
Funciona em: Android
ダウンロード| : 7 Atualizado em : 18.11.2021 FoxNext Games


Una-se à maior equipe de heróis da Marvel
VEL Strike is a turn-based RPG where players take on the life of any of their favorite major Marvel superheroes. Recruit fellow Marvel classics like Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America or Doctor Strange; or join up with evil forces like Crossbones, Loki, Venom or Kingpin (among others). MARVEL Strike Force is not your average, run-of-the-mill turn-based JRPG. That said, as per usual, each of your superheroes unleashes their own brand of special attack combos, and after your turn is up, your opponent is on offense, and it'll be their turn to attack. Whenever you get bored with watching live combat you can always speed things up by toggling your action settings to make them faster or reconfiguring combat to auto-mode. Predictably, you won't be starting out with a fully stocked selection of heroes. You'll have to earn them by playing with the handful of characters you begin the game with. As your skill increases, you'll level up and unlock tons and tons of the best Marvel characters (some of which young fans may not have even heard of, yet). Whatever the case, Marvel veterans are sure to love this title thanks to the colossal number of heroes available. MARVEL Strike Force is an outstanding game in every sense of the word. Its direct, addicting gameplay is only trumped by its eye-catching graphics; nicely synced with tactful, well-plotted character design.


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