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ロゴ My Talking Pig Mimi Pra 記号アイコン。

My Talking Pig Mimi Pra

Princess Girls 0.0.3
  • ライセンス Gratuito
  • 0
  • ダウンロード| 1
  • サイズ 54.4MB
  • ATUALIZADO 17.11.2021
ロゴ My Talking Pig Mimi Pra 記号アイコン。

My Talking Pig Mimi Pra

バージョン 0.0.3 Gratuito
Funciona em: Android
ダウンロード| : 1 Atualizado em : 17.11.2021 Princess Girls


Um adorável porquinho para te fazer companhia no seu smartphone
Talking Pig Mimi Pra is an app that's very similar to Talking Tom Cat. In this app, you'll see the birth of a baby pig (born out of a balloon) that you can then interact with in many different ways. In My Talking Pig Mimi Pra, you can spend time with this little pig every day, keeping it company as it becomes your friend. You can make it fart, take it to the bathroom, give it food, play with it, ask it to sing, or even watch as it dabs and says 'PRA, PRA.' The only problem with My Talking Pig Mimi Pra is all the ads, which make it hard to have fun without being distracted and also freeze the app pretty often. That said, if you don't mind looking at a few ads while you play, then you might still enjoy playing with this little pig. My Talking Pig Mimi Pra is a fun app that lets you hang out with this adorable little pig. Plus, its dabbing moves are on point.


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