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        ロゴ Super Brawl Universe 記号アイコン。

        Super Brawl Universe

        Nickelodeon 2.26.59416
        • ライセンス
        • 0
        • ダウンロード| 2
        • サイズ 312.14MB
        • ATUALIZADO 22.03.2021
        ロゴ Super Brawl Universe 記号アイコン。

        Super Brawl Universe

        バージョン 2.26.59416
        Funciona em: Android
        ダウンロード| : 2 Atualizado em : 22.03.2021 Nickelodeon


        Dê socos com personagens Nickelodeon
        er Brawl Universe is a 2D fighting game like Street Fighter, Tekken, and Mortal Kombat (just to name a few famous examples), where you fight with some of the most popular characters from various Nickelodeon shows. We're talking about SpongeBob SquarePants, Invader Zim, Korra, and Arnold, among others. Gameplay in Super Brawl Universe is perfect for touch screens. By tapping the left side of the screen, you can defend yourself, while tapping the right side of the screen causes you to attack. Sliding your finger over the screen, on the other hand, lets you dodge attacks or use a special attack. There are various game modes in Super Brawl Universe. In the tournament mode, you advance through a series of levels, fighting against stronger and stronger rivals each time. As a reward, you get chests with character cards inside. Another really fun game mode is online battles, where you fight against other players. Super Brawl Universe is a super fun fighting game with a huge selection of characters and absolutely amazing graphics. The game also includes a good variety of scenarios and game modes.


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