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ロゴ Super Starfish 記号アイコン。

Super Starfish

Protostar 3.8.1
  • ライセンス Gratuito
  • 0
  • ダウンロード| 4
  • サイズ 121.17MB
  • ATUALIZADO 18.11.2021
ロゴ Super Starfish 記号アイコン。

Super Starfish

バージョン 3.8.1 Gratuito
Funciona em: Android
ダウンロード| : 4 Atualizado em : 18.11.2021 Protostar


Explore as profundezas neste aquário único!
you like games of skill, try Super Starfish and take on charming challenges that are packed with action and super colorful! In this game, you can create an aquarium in space, collect agile fish, and take on interstellar challenges! Super Starfish has super simple gameplay, and can control the fish by simply swiping the screen: just move your finger where you want the fish to go, and it will quickly follow. In this adventure the goals vary depending on the level, you’ll always have to avoid all the obstacles in the way to reach them. Sometimes the goal will be to collect stars, sometimes seashells, but no matter what, stay away from the meteorites and the energy they give off! And as you complete mission, you’ll get coins and items from this unique aquarium’s flora and fauna, and will be able to buy upgrades and create a beautiful habitat for your fish! In Super Starfish, you can collect more than 30 different types of fish, including some incredibly exotic ones… but only if you have the skills to conquer space and evade all the obstacles!


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