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        ロゴ Talking Tom Jump Up 記号アイコン。

        Talking Tom Jump Up

        OutFit 7
        • ライセンス
        • 0
        • ダウンロード| 1
        • サイズ 57.05MB
        • ATUALIZADO 20.03.2021
        ロゴ Talking Tom Jump Up 記号アイコン。

        Talking Tom Jump Up

        Funciona em: Android
        ダウンロード| : 1 Atualizado em : 20.03.2021 OutFit 7


        Salte o mais alto possível com Talking Tom e a turma
        king Tom Jump Up is a new game from the popular Talking Tom franchise. Here you have to jump between trampolines to get the highest score possible. Basically, it's an arcade game with countless screens where the most important thing is to make sure you don't miss a single jump. The gameplay in Talking Tom Jump Up is pretty simple: if you drag the trampoline down with your finger, you'll create a trajectory line that your character will follow as it jumps to the next trampoline. When you let go, your character will jump and you'll have to repeat the process to climb higher and higher. Your score will increase as you reach higher on the screen, although there are a few other factors to keep in mind if you want the perfect score: making flawless jumps, making multiple perfect jumps in a row, and if you bounce on the limits of the screen, or on the platforms that appear. You'll also need to pick up stars on trampolines that will allow you to unlock new items and characters from the different Talking Tom games. Talking Tom Jump Up is a really entertaining arcade game that has characters from Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Ben, and Talking Ginger. The game gets harder the higher you climb, so you're guaranteed to stay entertained.


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