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        ロゴ Tincore Keymapper 記号アイコン。

        Tincore KeyMapper

        Tincore 3.7.8
        • ライセンス
        • 0
        • ダウンロード| 3
        • サイズ 22.85MB
        • ATUALIZADO 22.03.2021
        ロゴ Tincore Keymapper 記号アイコン。

        Tincore KeyMapper

        バージョン 3.7.8
        Funciona em: Android
        ダウンロード| : 3 Atualizado em : 22.03.2021 Tincore


        Ajuste os botões em sua tela para melhorar sua experiência de jogo
        core KeyMapper is an app that lets you use and configure any gamepad or even your computer’s keyboard, to play your favorite games on your Android. You only need two things: a little bit of patience and a rooted smartphone. The great thing about Tincore KeyMapper is the enormous number of configuration settings it provides. You can basically configure the controls of any game however you want, as long as you have a gamepad handy. This feature is especially useful for shooter games. Tincore KeyMapper is a super interesting app that can help you improve your Android gaming experience quite a bit. It is important to keep in mind that your smartphone needs to be rooted in order to access all the features available.


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