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        ロゴ Tom And Jerry Chase 記号アイコン。

        Tom and Jerry: Chase

        NetEase Games 5.3.25
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        • ダウンロード| 10
        • サイズ 1416.77MB
        • ATUALIZADO 19.03.2021
        ロゴ Tom And Jerry Chase 記号アイコン。

        Tom and Jerry: Chase

        バージョン 5.3.25
        Funciona em: Android
        ダウンロード| : 10 Atualizado em : 19.03.2021 NetEase Games


        O confronto final entre gato e rato
        and Jerry: Chase is a multiplayer action game where four mice have to face off one-on-one against a cat in a huge house loaded with traps. The goal of the cat, of course, is to hunt down the four mice; while the goal of the mice is out thwart kitty's plans and survive for as long as they can, meanwhile wreaking havoc on the house. The Tom and Jerry: Chase control systems are very well adapted to touchscreen devices. On the left side of the screen there are movement arrows, and on the right side there are buttons to jump, attack and interact with other elements of the stage. In the options menu, there are also several different control schemes and you can even customise the controls as you please. Here's how a Tom and Jerry: Chase game goes: during the first thirty seconds, mice roam freely to take a look at the house safely, using mouse-shaped robots. After these first few moments, mayhem ensues. The player who is controlling the cat will have ten minutes to catch the four mice and tie them to a rocket. If they actually manage to tie a mouse to a rocket, the others will have to try and rescue him, so you're going to need to be extra careful at all times. Tom and Jerry: Chase is an asymmetric action game that basically offers an experience very similar to the great Identity V or Dead by Daylight, only with a 2D view. Graphics are also a real blast, since at all times it'll look just like you're watching a whole episode of the real Tom and Jerry cartoon series.


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